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Experience relief and Calmness through Dr. Mehar’s Calmscious Therapy, a trusted solution for improving your mental health. Whether it’s stress, sadness, or relationship challenges, our online or in-person support is tailored to help you through difficult times.

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Calmscious – Dr. Mehar’s Vision

Calm and Conscious Living

At Camscious, we target two key areas: stress and needs. By first calming your mind with relaxation techniques and meditation we then address your individual needs with tailored resources that you can rely on for life. Our unique approach prioritizes long-term solutions we believe in addressing the underlying issues rather than offering temporary fixes.

Tailored Programs

Comprehensive Therapy Programs to Meet Your Needs

In-Person Counseling

Comprehensive support for various relationship challenges.

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Online Counseling

Effective strategies to cope with stress and anxiety disorders.

Life Transforming Programs

Boost self-esteem and develop key interpersonal skills.

Menta Health Issues

“…………….I can’t understand……”


Anxiety can sometimes make you feel trapped — freezing you in your tracks as the rest of the world continues to spin.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Connect anonymously in a secure environment where your privacy is respected with no judgement or bias.

Holistic Approaches

Integrating mindfulness, emotion regulation, and resilience-building techniques for a comprehensive therapy experience.

Expert Professionals

Led by Dr. Mehar, an 18-year Psychotherapist, our team ensures high-quality therapeutic interventions for your well-being.

Diverse Therapy Options

Offering a wide range of specialized counseling services to address various mental health issues and lifestyle challenges.

Supportive Community

Join a network of individuals on a journey to mental wellness, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual growth.

Journey Gallery

Exploring Paths to Mental Wellness

Client Stories

Real Stories, Real Lives Transformed

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Anusuya Venkatesan
Anusuya Venkatesan
15. February, 2024
Dr. Mehar is promising, and kept her words. Her 6mothns Calmness mastery program helped me change the way I see everything. I was suffering from acute chronic asthma for more than 7 years, which was a constraint in my both professional and personal life. But now I'm free from the tablets and the breathless days. I would gladly recommend it to anyone seeking help regarding any issues in professional or personal life or both. Dr. Mehar is the best.
Ramani Perumal
Ramani Perumal
3. January, 2024
I attended your sessions mam it was very great and useful for me to overcome from stress. Thank you mehar mam
26. December, 2023
2 days session very useful for me. I am eager next 7 days class 🙏
T Venkatalakshmi
T Venkatalakshmi
25. December, 2023
After attending this program my attitude & aptitude totally changed. Thanks Dr. Mehar mam
Dhivan Mydeen
Dhivan Mydeen
25. December, 2023
Good service .
Ananthi Sannasi
Ananthi Sannasi
25. December, 2023
I have attended two days online was very useful..Mam listening us so politely and clearly explaining how to overcome our fears clearly....I am very interested to attend 7 days program and eagerly waiting for learn more about that....than you mam..
20. December, 2023
Really useful madam. I knew this. But I forgot. Now I remembered this technique by joining this zoom meeting.. at right time god remembered this through you. Thank u madam🙏
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20+ years of experience in psychotherapy: Expert care from a seasoned professional.

Mother of three, balancing family and career: Empathetic guidance from someone who understands real-life challenges.

Spouse of a professor, fostering a healthy family dynamic: Benefit from a holistic approach that values your family health.

Personal experience with stress, anxiety, and depression: Receive support from someone who’s been through similar struggles.

A proven approach focused on ease and wisdom: Effective techniques that are easy to integrate into your life.

Advocate for transformative mental well-being: Experience meaningful changes in your mental health.

Belief in the power of a calm, conscious mind: Achieve a peaceful and focused state of mind.

Empathetic guidance rooted in real-world experience: Practical advice that works in everyday situations.

Refined and tested methods for tangible outcomes: See real improvements in your mental health and well-being.

Holistic approach addressing underlying issues: Long-lasting solutions rather than temporary fixes.

Commitment to long-term solutions over temporary fixes: Sustainable mental health improvements you can rely on.

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