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Enter the world of Dr. Mehar, a visionary psychotherapist with two decades of expertise. As a devoted mother of three and the spouse of a professor, she’s fostered a family dynamic untouched by hospital visits. But Dr. Mehar’s journey began early, driven by personal battles with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Driven by her own struggles, Dr. Mehar embarked on a quest to craft a refined approach to mental well-being, rooted in ease and wisdom. She firmly believes in the transformative power of a calm and conscious mind, a belief she’s lived and proven.

At Calmscious, we believe in the potential of every individual to live a life of serenity and awareness. Through our bespoke methods, discover how to embrace tranquility, enhance focus, and unleash your true self. Bid farewell to turmoil and embrace the tailored solution you’ve longed for.

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Personalized Therapy

Dr. Mehar understands the complexities of balancing personal and professional life, offering empathetic guidance rooted in real-world experience.

100% Practical

Our approach is not just theoretical; it’s been tested and refined to ensure real, tangible outcomes in managing mental health challenges.

Holistic Approaches

Our approach is not just theoretical; it’s been tested and refined to ensure real, tangible outcomes in managing mental health challenges.

20+ Years Experience

Meet Dr. Mehar Nithyan

Dr. Mehar Nithyan

Chief Psychotherapist – Founder of Calmscioys Therapy – Health Psychology Expert

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20+ years of experience in psychotherapy: Expert care from a seasoned professional.

Mother of three, balancing family and career: Empathetic guidance from someone who understands real-life challenges.

Spouse of a professor, fostering a healthy family dynamic: Benefit from a holistic approach that values your family health.

Personal experience with stress, anxiety, and depression: Receive support from someone who’s been through similar struggles.

A proven approach focused on ease and wisdom: Effective techniques that are easy to integrate into your life.

Advocate for transformative mental well-being: Experience meaningful changes in your mental health.

Belief in the power of a calm, conscious mind: Achieve a peaceful and focused state of mind.

Empathetic guidance rooted in real-world experience: Practical advice that works in everyday situations.

Refined and tested methods for tangible outcomes: See real improvements in your mental health and well-being.

Holistic approach addressing underlying issues: Long-lasting solutions rather than temporary fixes.

Commitment to long-term solutions over temporary fixes: Sustainable mental health improvements you can rely on.

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